Unabe to send the ID CARDS & Receipts in this FEB 2011 Dist DAO meeting.

Dear members of KGAMOA,

Thanks for the overwhelming response for
our prime agenda – Membership Drive,

from Many Districts
ex. Gadag
Kodagu & others

we Expected around 200+ in the month of JAN 2011 ,
but we received only 40+ application in JAN 2011 month,

( so far we received 140 LM applications previously received till DEC 2010 &
now 40 in JAN 2011 total 180 LM)

in this 180 LM applications ,
there are too many details furnished is illegible.
so for we are not able to give clearance for 100 IDs with No MISTAKES ,
correction work is going on by calling each of our member personaly .. ……..

that’s why we are unable to send you the ID Cards at the time of FEB 2011 Dist. monthly DAO meetings, it may still need 1 0r 2 weeks more , to reach your hands (ID CARDS ),
along with the Receipts (who not received so far).

we expecting your co-operation & a constructive feedback regarding
any other issues of KGAMOA.

thanking you.


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