Don’t get confused

Dear drs,

Pay slip which we are getting nowadays is only for the existing old pay ….
Not for upgraded pay scales .

Still 2 more step is there to get the upgraded pay & pay scales ….

1) Our directorate should furnish the M.O s details to AG again in the "NEW SLIGHTLY MODIFIED AG ANNEXURE ". Which will contains Upgraded pay scales & Pay according to our service & pay as on JAN 2013 , when we got the Cabinet approval & G.O.

This process is going on in directorate by getting after the DAOs verification & Counter sign on their District MOs 'filled AG annexure'

5-6 district verification & countersign work is already completed with the help of Directorate Officials & Our Executives well supported by Dr.Hakeem.

2) After submitting the above formats to AG ( If needed via Govt ),
AG requires 2-3 weeks to process & issue UPGRADED PAYSLIPS  as per PARITY G.O.

So  , pls don't get confused by seeing the Payslips which we & our few friends are receiving nowadays….


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