In HRMS CELL our subject implementation work is going on seriously ..

Yesterday  14-02-2014 , in HRMS CELL our subject ( how to facilitate according to our new payslip ) discussed by Mr.Karthik with the instructions of CAO & other officers of Ayush Directorate ,

To enter the below specification HRMS CELL officers Guided us to give the consolidate details soft copy as we furnished other AG needed DATA earlier in directorate with Dr.Hakeem , so that all the below details specification will be included in a mass there itself. ( i.e In promotion : Normal promotion / pay fixation + time bound promotions,
In Revised details :
Designation , effective date , state salary , pay scale , Basic , Group A, G.O no & Dt. )

So within next week Mr.Karthik is trying Hard to resolve all the constrains regarding it through HRMS.. with the help of Dr.Hakeem …

So let us wait till next few days regarding it..


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