Condolences message : Our GADAG Medical officer, Dr.Shivanand is no more…

Death is an irreversible loss,   but many may be insensitive to death as they might have never experienced death of a nearest friend or a relative.

I couldn’t control my tears as I heard the news of sudden demise of dearest friend Shivananda.

Shivananda and we became friends as we got admission to BAMS at GCIM, Bangalore during 1989.
He was a person of joy,  cheerful , naughty, and full of life.  Some times his care for others was mistaken as possessive attitude.
Shivananda was a native of Savadatti in Belgaum district , Karnataka.
Born on 10/10/19..
His primary, secondary education was at Bangalore.

The five and half years of duration of BAMS course had provided a ample time to know and understand him as a person . He had secured a place in each and every one’s heart as a true friend. His helping and caring attitude was well appreciated by all. He never took life as a serious issue. He was always the fore runner to solve the problems of Friends.

The five NSS camps and Two tours with him were memorable.

After BAMS he had joined for PG but meantime got govt job as Ayurveda medical officer, so he left PG and continued in Govt service, and served at Mysore, Ramanagar, Gadag and other places……….
He served as DAO at Ramanagar.
At the time of his death he was serving at Gadag as senior Ayurveda medical officer.

Shivananda you will be ever remembered as my true friend.

Words By Dr.Shivanand’s Close friend & classmate ….

Dr.Gururaj .M.B.
Private Ayurveda Consultant, Shimoga

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