Yesterday we met Our AYUSH DIRECTOR In a Delegation

Dear Drs,

After a long time KGAMOA Met our Ayush Director Sri.Vijayakumar Gogi In a Delegation,

Discussed many topics which are very much concerned to all the Medical officers upgradation related work (Rural & city Allowance, Special Allowance  of 60%- 70%-80%) HRMS Updating work, Dept. developmental ideas,  etc etc..

We will put the details in blog within 2 days.

KGAMOA thanks for our Executives & members who supported Personaly in this regard …

Our President Dr.Raju shet thanks Specially to ….

Special officer to Health minister Dr.Iqbal
CCIM member


Dr.S.S.Patil, Dr.Shankargouda, Dr.Hakeem, Dr.Muralidhar Ashrit, Dr.Nadaf M.L, Dr.Chandrakanth N, Dr.Doddaguni, Dr.Eranna, Dr.Parashuram Devargudda, Dr.Srinivas, Dr.Abibulla, Dr.Vinay A, Dr.Dyavanagouda, Dr.Basavaraj .


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