New UPGRADED PAYSLIPS despatched on 10-2-2014 from AG.

Dear Members ,

After a long waiting….

We will start receiving ‘New Upgraded pay Slips’ within 2-3 days….

As per confirmed AG information, around 50 pay slips dispatched on 10-2-2013 in first bunch, 
reaming will dispatch within last day of FEB as they said.

So, some of our friends will receive them within 2-3 days, 

We require first 5-10 pay slips of different batch & Nature for speedup the below process in Advance….

Present information to encash its benefits are by….

(If it has any official shortcuts, we will inform after knowing from concerned our drs & persons  )

1) Updating our employee basic Data in HRMS According to Pay slip:

        Needs to create /activate  the benefits through HRMS as RA / PG allowance  which is admissible in drop down list or something else which is officially correct ( as Rural – PG – Diploma allowance )

It will be done thro state office only,  We already alerted our  State HRMS officials to Facilitate to make suitable provisions to Update our employee basic data in HRMS According to New Pay slip,  So we requesting you to please send the first few pay slips ( of  Different Batch & different allowance getting  Drs) by scanned image by email to KGAMOA. 

 In addition, send the attested copy of it through DAO to Directorate in request to create provisions in HRMS like ….
* Scale of pay,
* Designation as Group A officer
* GIS premium &
other related specification should change,

2) Getting Allotment:


          If u have sufficient allotment in your H-O-A,

 After confirmation of changes as per new designation in employee basic details you can go for encashment by informing the DAO,

          If allotment is not sufficient, we should request DAO (DAO will calculate the total Amount needed for number of drs in his district with arrears), its lengthy process thro DAO > ZP > FD.

We may face small difficulty in every step due to procedural delay ,

 It is a new thing for us & dept. to get HRMS updating & getting Allotment in this special case.

If u required any assistance,

Without any tension & hurry, by Avoiding the rumor….

Please inform us via email, what’s App, Telegram & SMS

 We will consult the needed experts in this regard.


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