How should we project ourselves ?

Dear Ayush drs,

Our Dr.Iqbal called me just now & Advised to create awareness among society that…..
         'We Ayush drs are also holding Equal / major share among Drs society ' ,

So, from all dist KGAMOA Units we should organise  *Drs day celebration* on JULY 1st as stage function with the help of Dist ayush dept,  AFI , NIMA or other NGOs,

We should select guest who should b a good social person with a ayush science lover.

Though Time is short to plan much, but we can organise 1-2 hr stage function on 1 July in a convenient time @ 11am or 4 pm .

We should publish the report & photographs in our media & News papers to say the society as " navuo nimmondigiddeve " .

Few dist KGAMOA units were organising  programmes of the above type since last few yrs ,
but if we all try in the same day it will give good publicity punch in society through media.

Pls give ur feed back in this regard quickly in what's app & Telegram or thro Blog today itself……


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