co-ordination committee is formed @ Shimoga meeting

Outcome of meeting :

Ayush doctors meeting held at shimoga on 27/03/2016.

It was a historic and marathon meeting of more than 7 hours and participated by more than 120 Ayush doctors from Shimoga, and neighbouring districts of Davanagere, Haveri,& Dharwad , and respected CCIM members, RGUHS Senate member, members of KAUPB, office bearers of AFI, NIMA, KGAMOA, AKAMA, & KUMGA.


1. Unlawful raid on clinic and establishments of institutionally qualified Ayush doctors by our own board authorities.

2. Harassment and bad publicity made by board & media, regarding Bhadravathi incident.

3. Proper enquiry for DAO 'S sudden and unnatural death.

4. Integration, cross practice, modern medicine prescription at PHC level by Ayush doctors and concerned Acts & Laws.

5. Opinions, suggestions, guidelines in connection with above was taken from all.

Ultimately a broad based co-ordination committee was set up consisting following members.

1. Dr. B. S. Patil
2. Dr. Khalid javed
3. Dr. Rajashekhar Bhusanurmatt
4. Dr. Mahaveer Haveri
5. Dr. Somashekar Huddar
6. Dr. Raju Shet
7. Dr. Mahesh
8. Dr. Eeranna
9. Dr. Kallesh murushillina
10. Dr. Bharadwajan
11. Dr. Mohammad adeebulla

Conveners :
1. Dr. M. B. Gururaja
2. Dr. Shashikanth
3. Dr. Santhosh Kumar M. S. 4. Dr. Tanaji

This committee was given the charge and responsibility of future plan of action and execution of the same.

Decisions taken by the committee :

1. All the members of all the associations would be briefed about these developments on 28/3/16 and here by asked to be ready for any sort of protest as decided by the committee on a short notice of one day.

2. Proper representation and convincing of facts about the bhadravathi incident and integration practice to honourable Director, HM, HS, CM.

3. A common memorandum will be given to all concerned by this committee unitedly.

4. On 29/03/16 this committee will decide further course of action depending upon the outcome of meeting with HM, HS, CM, and others.

5. In case of  negative response from higher authorities then  protest will start from 30/3/16 in an appropriate place.

6. Certain other things were also decided but not disclosed here in order to maintain secrecy.

Note : in the above coordination work KGAMOA is supported whole heartedly for the first 3 Discussed Topics.


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