Respected Sir/Madam
Please find attachment
The Data entry for Requirements details is enabled for ALL facility ( also for those selected for Health wellness centre) for data entry of the Medicines , Staff, Equipment ,Furniture etc in a NEW TAB REQUIREMENT in the already using website ( Where OPD data entry is already been made)

1) Go to website
2) Enter the User Credentials (User ID, Password ,Captcha)
3) Click on REQUIREMENT Tab
4) To enter Medicine Details for that Quarter (Presently it is for 2 nd Quarter) Select Medicine, then enter only required Quantity in numbers, Example : 10/15/18 etc ( For example under Ashokarishta enter 6 , which means you require 6 bottles of Ashokarishta of 400 ml pack, similarly for churna / Tablets/ Oils etc).
5) Click on SUBMIT to Save the changes made.
6) Go to OTHERS tab, Select Building to enter the requirements under Building Category i,e Plumbing , Painting, Compound wall construction etc.
7) Similarly Enter the Data for Staff, Furniture, Equipment and click submit to save the changes made.
Kindly circulate this information among all the Data entry Users in your District or Institution.
The Last Date of entry of these requirement details will be upto 31/07/2019 midnight 12. after then it would be locked automatically.( No Changes are made in Last Date for entering OPD/IPD/Procedures)
The entry option for 3 rd Quarter will be next enabled again only for 3 rd Quarter requirements.( The exact Date will be announced later)


1) The Requirement Details Should be entered by ALL facility ( Not restricted only to Health wellness centre)
2) The Last Date is extended to 31/07/2019 instead of 12/07/2019 (as per the Letter).
3) The entry option for Requirements Tab will be made available 4 Quarters in a Year.( The Dates for entering for 3 rd and Subsequent Quarters will be informed Later).

With Warm Regards
Dr R. Muralikrishna
State Nodal Officer, Statistics / HMIS section
Nodal Officer-Bangalore Division, Ayush Health & Wellness Program
Department of AYUSH
Government of karnataka
Contact No.: 9480293204

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KSGEA – Ayush Dept. executives for 2019 -2024

KSGEA – Ayush Dept. executives list who Elected in respective Districts for the 2019 -2024

(ಅವಿರೋಧವಾಗಿ ಗೆದ್ದವರು)

Dr.Riyaz sullad
(District EC – Kalaburgi)

(Basavakalyana Tq – Bagalkot Dist.)

(District EC – Hassan)

Dr. Sanjeev Narappanavar
(District EC – Gadag Dist.)

(Kanakagiri Tq.)

Dr.Kavita Hyati
(Koppal Tq & Dist.)

(Karatagi Tq – Koppala Dist)

(ಸ್ಪರ್ಧಿಸಿ ಜಯಗಳಿಸಿದವರು)

Dr.Hiremath C A
(District EC – Shimoga)

(District EC – Ramnagar )

( Afzalpur Tq – Kalaburagi dist.)

Dr.Lingaraj NK
(Nyamati Tq.- Davanagere Dist.)

Dr. Prakash Rajapur
( ❓ Tq. – Yadgir Dist.)

Dr udayakumar joshi
(Tptur Tq.- Tumkuru Dist.)

Pls add & correct if any ..

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Teacher inspired by AYUSH Yoga camp

  • Hasiru honalu Team adapted & Developed the Kottur Nekara colony park as Medicinal Garden Beautifully .

  • The Main persons behind this team work is Teacher Nagaraj who inspired by our AYUSH Yoga camp, remembered about resource person Dr.Shivakumar & Camp coordinated Dr.Vijayakumar very much .. and He Expects more Technical guidance develop another medicinal Park with a new concept & design ..
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