3rd Executive meet report

3rd Executive meet report

3rd Executive meeting held in Bangalore  was very much successful,

because the persons attended were very much positive towards strengthening ourselves in a team,
we all  Discussed on various subjects pertaining to both strengthening of KGAMO 
& how to handle the equal pay file,
25 members attended the meeting from different corners of our state,
 What finally we decided in meeting are …. (Highlights)

1) Strengthening KGAMOA by mass Membership Drive within next 15 days, for that      own dist President+ Secretary + treasurer has to workout urgently
       If needed with the help of neighboring dist & state Executive members  &  divisional Organising secretaries.
 2) The files (which are in the Govt) Follow-up work entrusted to 5 members & they should inform other executive members what file needs to get timely help in all respect.
 3) All the drs who attended the meeting felt very bad towards the absentees  & finaly decided to get full attendance in next meeting , if Executive members are not able to attend the meetings continuously  please  invite the PRESIDENT, SECRETARY and STATE REPRESENTATIVES OF  ALL THE DIST for proper convey of  real information regarding discussions held .
And in the evening  we all met our director  .
please send the filled applications as early as possible along with fees ,
Thanking you ,

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