Collective Achievements

KGAMOA believes in the principle “Teamwork makes the Dream work”.  With unconditional support, hard work and team spirit our esteemed Association has achieved many great milestones. Some of them are

  1.  In 1997, with the initiation and hard work of our seniors through Association, a 3-day State conference was held at Bellary called CHIKITSA DARSHANA.
  2. In JAN 2013, Association was able to convince the Govt successfully to get the parity in Pay scales, status, respect, Allowance on par with the HFW MOs who are in government service. This was possible with the able leadership of State President Dr.Raju Shet, G.Secretary Dr.Kantharaj, State Treasurer Dr.Kumar Sagar.  Along with Working President Dr.Shankargauda and all the active State Executives who represented the KGAMOA TEAM 2013 with around 30 odd active state executives who served the Association from 2009 to 2015.
  3. In AUG 2016, Association achieved the Biggest Milestone, our goal and target, to get equality in Allowances too which HFW Drs are entitled at present. Dr.Shankargauda S Patil and G.Secretary Dr.Eranna J along with Hon’ President Dr.Raju Shet, Working President Dr.Shuhabuddin, State Treasurer Dr.Panduranga and many more active Executives who are present in the State Executive body of 2017 with the support of all the District Executives and all members.


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