Notice : 2.

Dear Executive Members of KGAMOA ,

As we decided in Emergency Executive meeting regarding ‘ How to get equal Allowances’ ..

we met both Principle Secretary of HFW Sri Madan Gopalji
& Health Minister Sri Aravind Limbavali in the Last week,  we are able to convince them about our long standing Demands of KGAMOA Successfully with the Help of you all, and they Assured us to  fulfill our demands.  so we have to wait for 2-4 weeks more so that we can see some +ve movement in related issues,
                      In the mean time we should strengthen our All district Branches to take-up essential tasks If needed like Strike, membership Drive, State Conference, Elections etc.etc.etc ….. 

So Strike option is bit away now.. let us work together to Organise KGAMOA better, 
Be Positive & Spread positive things only ..

contact us for all & any matters preferably by E-Mail, 
if its emergency call us any time,

thanking you 

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