1 : Needed Attachments along-with SR :

Attachments Needed along-with  SR 
are listed below : 

1. Updated SR 
( Reconfirm & Update the SR & leave details in HRMS also Before sending it to AG)

2. LPC 
( Last pay Cirtificate)

As we got confirmation From AG Yesterday 
Now pls Attach & send the DEC 2012 Pay Certificate 
( Earlier we informed you to Attach  & send the MARCH 2013 Pay Certificate )

3.  CTC 
(Charge takenOver Certificate)

* wherever Date is needed in CTC pls put 10-01-2013
b’coz as per GO our posts upgradation is effective from 10-01-2013, 
we confirmed it from AG office also.

* in the place of charge handed over officer 
(padamukta adikari ) 
Please put the old seal of vaidyadhikarigalu of G A D, 

 * in the place of charge takenover officer
 (padagrahi adikari ) : 
please write byhand ayush in bracket  (  ),
 (Ayush) beside M.O / vaidyadhikarigalu 

of G A D,   

as  we confirmed from AG people the NEW SEAL
 ( rubber stamp ) is not needed right now, of your designation as per GO 
* please prepare only 3 copies of CTCs ,
 1 for SR, 1 for DAO office copy, 1 for your copy,

we will attach the copy of the Sample -‘ filled CTC ‘ for your reference within 2 days 
( b’coz many M.Os requesting it ) 

4. G.O 

                  Regarding this above details Shortly District Authorities will receive the Circular By Directorate of AYUSH as KGAMOA spoke with AG Officers & Chief Administrative Officer in Ayush Dept. in the last week.
so pls wait for a day or two, pls try to update the above stated Documents till we receive the said Circular.


KGAMOA -Central
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