HRMS Un-resolved Problems ?

Dear Drs,

Few Medical officers from Few Dist. are complaining that.
Many of the HRMS problems are not resolved from so many months …..

But concerned Employee in Directorate, saying that….
Each & every Problem which is Uploaded Correctly  & Technically will b Resolving every day without any Delay ,

 So Mr.Karthik Expects KGAMOA’s Help inbetween to Resolve  the confusion in this matter,

pls Send & contact with your Problems in HRMS also filling  in below Table , thro :

pls send the cc to KGAMOA also  : 


to help our drs by followup it

District Name
DDO code
Employee Code / KGID No.
 (who’s  Problem ur Requesting to Resolve )
What Exactly the Problem is  in HRMS
Problem Reported / Uploaded in HRMS on
Present  Status of Problem

DDO Mobile No. & Email ID for Communication


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