KGAMOA Executives met AYUSH director today .

Dear Drs,

Today, we the KGAMOA Executives met Director sir & CAO madam to discuss & clarify many things which are essential to speedup the Process of getting AG Slips .

Both chief officials of the Directorate assured Us that they will workout in a priority manner by scheduling a calendar of events in this regard as….. 

* Series of meeting with concerned Departmental officials / AG  Officers / Medical officers.

*  collecting & Consolidating the needed MO details  through DAO immediately as per AG requirement.
( if needed division wise separate SR Scrutinise Data validation meeting by Directorate Experts in directorate )

* RESIDING IN RURAL PLACE :- we presented accurate information that  ‘presently Working in Rural Hospitals’ is sufficient to get Rural allowance, instead of ‘Residing in Rural area’ is not mandatory as per existing amendeded GO of HFW .

* Allowances for URBAN Drs :- Also we demanded the Allowances ( instead of Rural allowance ) for MOs who are presently working in urban areas ( who previously worked in Rural areas for minimum 6 years) as per HFW previous Rural allowance norms.

* In-Service PG Drs  :-
is in-service PG drs are eligible to get rural allowances ?
( As these Drs team of SJIIM Requested KGAMOA to clarify )
As we came to know that these drs are eligible to get only CCA or DA as per norms which may  approximately nearer to rural allowance. But they have no provisions to get RURAL ALLOWANCE.

Pls keep visiting this blog to know more in this regard…

KGAMOA Specially thanks to…..

Dr.kumar H K (Sagar).

Dr.Deepak Prabhu.
Dr.Ananth desai.
Dr.Muralidhar ashrith


President – Dr.Raju shet
G.sec- Dr.Kantharaj.

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