can we start to Respect OUR District AYUSH Ambassador thro KGAMOA.

 Dear Drs,

Can we  Identify the BEST Working Hospital of every Districts ?

 Just to recognise the Medical officer who is putting lot of efforts to Popularise  his A-Y-U-S-H Hospital  in his area honestly & Ethically ……….

though Our Department is doing it  ……

KGAMOA also wants to recognise & Introduce His Working Culture to all KGAMOA Members 
through our BLOG now ,  and we are planning to honor in our Future Executive Meetings & in Conferences in our own small way with a Good attitude.   

KGAMOA  is expecting the Names of  those Drs who is Ethically*  serving the patients in his Govt Hospital.

Just You calculate……..
 which of your District M.O friend Suits / may fulfill the requirements.

we will ask you with few statistics about him in JAN 2013 through our State & District Executives. 

Conditions Apply : 


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