Now HRMS is open to feed information of 6 & 13 yrs time bound * conditions apply

Dear drs ,

Part of the HRMS feeding problem looks like resolved for some extent in directorate & HRMS Cell…

At first now The Medical officers who got the new AG SLIP with the completion of 6 yrs & 13 yrs time bound can try to generate there bills with d assistance of directorate…

‘One who have sufficient allotment in there HOA’  to get RURAL & PG allowance are requested to send there AG SLIP’s Scanned copy along with USER ID & password to feed there details in HRMS to generate pay bills &  arrears of PG & RURAL allowance.

One should b updated  there derails in 3 different & specific categories in a specific way like,  in
Pay roll
Date of increment

So,  We are trying  to get 5-10 MOs new benefits , it should b approved through HRMS to submit it to TRZ on last date tomorrow.

Pls let me know who is ready to workout hardly tomorrow…
if u got AG slip ,
And in ur dist if u have sufficient fund & if ur ready  to submit ur bills to TRZ tomorrow contact us….


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