Is your Date of increment showing wrong Date after upgrading to Group ‘A’?

( It Applies only to the Drs who accepted the increment in HRMS in-between Feb-2013 & Dec-2013,   i.e , before receiving the Upgraded AG Slips which we are receiving now since last 2 months  )

As few M.Os  complaining about the mistake in there Date of increment… and few claiming that,   there increment date is wrongly approved while HRMS Updating.
HRMS Officials explanation is …..
As u know we Upgraded to ‘A’ Group from 10/01/2013,
Without receiving the yearly increment order from the Sanctioning  Authority few of our drs accepted the increment  from 01/08/2013 , 1/10/2013 etc dates,
some of the drs told increment was automatically approved in HRMS.
That was the reason in MAJORITY  Drs case of wrong Date of increment , that was not happened mistakenly while Updating the HRMS as our State HRMS NODAL OFFICER said.
So , those drs who are facing this Particular problem are informed to CONTACT HOD*  to know the further tedious process of resolving it after paying back the little excess amount drawn.
Its better to contact Dr
Dinesh directly to resolve ur above problem ,
Presently HOD related to HRMS is Dr.Dinesh ,
State Ayush dept. HRMS Nodal officer
Note :  Pls go through the Opinion & Justification of Our Mysore Dr.Nataraj.  
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