Wait …. to get clarification regarding ur doubts about 2014 Transfer guidance ….

Today our president & vice president discussed with concerned Directorate  officials to get few clarifications regarding …
Doubts in 2014 Transfer guidelines .

President conveyed that too much of Drs will not disturb this time . So don’t put too much application ……

Probably in the beginning  around 18 drs may undergo  in the Transfer counselling out of 400 + posts  of 5 years completed drs posts as a general transfer . i.e 3%.

Next : 30 transfer may happen as 5% request transfer , it is for clearly vacant  posts of the same cadre .

In which one who disturbed from the above 3% general transfer will get priority in the counselling.

So, total 18 + 30 ds may get benefit from this year process,

Note : please confirm from the concerned dept. officials or from dept. website regarding exact terms & conditions to apply under Mutual transfer,
        because what we heard earlier as ‘within district mutual transfer is not admissible’ is not confirmed with particular Transfer Act / rule .

Our executives also requested for the Circulars & lists should be in the Easily downloadable formats instead of presently unsupported formats.

Few more clarification we asked as per the doubts & feedback of our members : For that Today or tomorrow morning we are expecting few official clarification through Ayush dept website .

Pls keep visiting our Ayush dept website for Authentic information before undergo  transfer process.


KGAMAO is just facilitating to get understand the 


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