Are you planning for Any special function on ‘International Yoga Day’ ..

Respected Drs,

To prove ourselves as special essential Group A officers &  to show our Ayush science has a most essential role In ‘MAKING  HEALTHY SOCIETY’.  We think Every Ayush MOs is eagerly waiting to utilise every opportunity to show our Special strength …..

Now we all will wait for the Dept & Govt  Direction / guidelines to organise special function on  International yoga day.

If no specific guidelines received within time…

What we can plan creatively in our GAD / TALUK / DISTRICT Level to Organise or Support to Organise Good program on Yoga.

We expect feedback with ideas from all our MOs & District Executives….


1. organising Good program with other NGOs sponsorship.

2. Govt / Dept may provide brochure on yoga day . If not received in time or  additionally can we Provide information brochure to neighbouring Schools etc.

Etc etc …


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