Inviting for Next & IMP EC Meet @ Hassan on 28/11/2015

Dear All State executives, 

We are finally able to call EC meeting @ Hassan on 28/11/2015, to disscuss & decide on few important subjects as in the attached letter.

On the day of New Director ‘introduction meet’ with association, our State Executives discussed regarding GB in d afternoon @ blore, 

But It needs EC MEET inbetween to disscuss & Finalise regarding few technical issues related to GB and Electing New Executive committee process, So we are calling EC before GB &  Election. Nothing personal in it related to any EC members.

Earlier we decided to call EC Meet in Chikmagalur on this second saturday i.e on 14th NOV, as many North karnataka Executives drsired to visit Hill station @ with the reason to conduct EC in a Naturally cool weather,  but Our Chikmagalur Drs are not willing to host the EC meet this time.

Wait for few more updates within 2-3 days regarding this EC Meet. 

With regards, 


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